Our Services

Skin Care Therapies

Skin care treatments that are designed to calm and soothe; hydrate and heal; protect and reduce inflammation from reactions to radiation and chemotherapy. They provide a non-invasive alternative to conventional skin care treatments and are result-oriented. In addition to the face, we provide therapies to help relieve pruitis and hydrate the body. A product line formulated for health-challenged skin is used in all skin therapies.  

Mineral Makeup

May be applied to camouflage side effects of treatments as well as promote a look of normalcy and self-confidence. These products are talc free and contain no artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives that will further compromise the skin.

Healing Touch Massage Therapies

Gentle, soothing strokes to relax, reduce pain & anxiety, and calm the cancer stressed body. When the body is stressed, the production of Cortisol increases and can be harmful by decreasing the immune system response. Relaxation through massage reduces the cortisol levels thereby helping to strengthen the immune system and promote healing. Many people find that massage brings a temporary feeling of well-being. Hand & arm treatments and reflexology, a non-invasive treatment on the feet and hands, are also available. 

Reconstructive Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy, a therapy that stimulates collagen and elastin production to help reduce and/or desecrate scar tissue; Micropigmentation including brows, eyeliner, and lips, Areola color reconstruction, and scar camouflage are also available once treatments are completed. 


So many of us find ourselves with health challenging conditions during the course
of life like cancer,  diabetes, auto-immune  disorders that change the way we
look and feel, even after the illness is history.

The side effects from some therapies can be devastating to the skin, hair, and
nails and there is little known help for these conditions.

The staff at The Sphere is licensed and certified to modify our treatments for
each individual based on their medical history, recent or current treatments,
and medications.

These treatments are safe, non-invasive and do not interfere with the individual’s medical treatments.