Our Dream

“Making a Difference in the Lives of Health Challenged Individuals”


Most cancer therapies have a negative effect on the skin, hair, nails and the psyche and many patients may not know how to handle these changes or where to turn for help.  In 2009, more than one million people were diagnosed with cancer.  With common treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, the skin can become highly irritated, dry, and itchy among many other symptoms; hair and nails can become dry and brittle and may result in a loss of both; the body aches and is stressed; patients just don’t feel comfortable being in public.  The National Cancer Institute suggests that cancer patients use mild, gentle products and may require a person to care for their skin and hair differently than before treatment.  But How does one care for their body differently? and What Products do they use? and Where do they find these products? 

Cancer patients just want to be treated like they are “normal” and too many people are afraid of the word “CANCER” and shy away from those in need of human touch and compassion.  After witnessing the traumatic impact cancer treatments has had on many people, including my husband and several friends, I used the experience and knowledge I have as a Clinical Esthetician and massage therapist to calm and soothe their skin and ease the body to the best of my ability.   Seeing the difference these treatments made, not only on their skin, but to their psyche as well, I recognized how important this work is and more education was needed on this subject. After much research, I received extensive training and certification in Clinical Oncology Esthetics from Touch for Cancer.   

In my quest to make a difference in people’s lives, I realized that there is a real void in this area when it comes to providing caregiving treatments for those patients already enduring extremely draining procedures while battling their disease.

                                                                                Robbie Buckley
                                                                                Executive Director