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About Us

 The Sphere is a skin treatment center for serious skin care when you want to correct the signs of maturity or if you are faced with a health-challenging
condition, such as cancer. 

 No one tells you how the effects of life will affect your skin.  With extensive knowledge, experience and certification, the staff at The Sphere have created treatments specifically  designed to provide you with the healthiest skin for your age. 

 Should you develop a health-challenging condition during your life, the side effects of some  therapies can be devastating to your skin, hair, and nails.  Our  estheticians and massage  therapists have been trained to modify their protocols to provide non-invasive and supportive therapies before, during, and after the treatments so you never have to walk this journey alone and help you establish the “New” you. 

 Our treatments are primarily corrective and result oriented.  We offer skin care products to help improve the initial condition of the skin and continue to improve the results we are achieving.